What Is The Best Time To Post On Instagram Reels?

When should you upload videos on Instagram?

At least a few times a week, this inquiry appears in my direct messages.
There is, however, no cookie-cutter solution, but there are two options for zeroing down on your sweet spots.

From Later.com, the latest.The ideal time to post to Instagram on each given day of the week was determined after the social media management tool analysed 35 million posts.
Your one and only posting opportunity. Analysis of your Instagram stats to determine the best time to interact with your followers.

Read on to learn how to make the most of both tools and give your Instagram Reels a much-needed boost in interaction.

Be the Best Time to Post on Instagram

Later has found that the optimal times to post on Instagram are:

Time on Monday, May 5: 5 A.M.
6 a.m. on Tuesdays
Time: Thursday, May 5 at 5 A.M.
Hours on a Friday morning: 6 o’clock
Time on Saturday mornings: 6 o’clock
Time on Sunday morning, at 6 o’clock
In addition to those times, posting Reels on Saturdays and Sundays is optimal, as shown by a study of 35 million Instagram accounts worldwide.

How does this information affect your company’s finances?

Posting when your target demographic is most active online is an excellent tactic (hello, freshness ranking factor!), but it isn’t the ultimate goal.

That a post’s popularity in the Home Feed is no longer based on the amount of likes and comments it receives in its first 30 minutes is something Instagram has officially verified.

Finding Your Ideal Instagram Posting Time: A Step-by-Step Guide

This is the deal.

The Later study provides useful context but should not be taken as gospel.

You should still review the information on your account.


If you want to reach a specific demographic, you shouldn’t assume that posting at 6 a.m. is the optimal time. It’s much the same as usual.

There might be some congruence between your data and Later’s, but there could also be discrepancies.

Get ready to don your detective hats! Learn when the Instagram Reels audience is most likely to see your posts here!

To begin, change your account type to Business or Creator.

The most compelling argument for making the change?

Hopefully this will help you out.

In particular, Instagram’s Insights section. Find out when your audience is most active online, what time of day your postings do the best, and how old your audience is.
Second, determine what time and place your target demographic is most likely to be online.

If you’re in Cape Town, South Africa, why do your fans seem to be located in Los Angeles? You’ll have to adjust your posting schedule to account for the time change.

How so?

Putting up a message at 6 a.m. CAT would be equivalent to posting at 8 p.m.
Later suggests airing your show in the morning, but you aren’t receiving the bulk of your overseas viewers then.

Instead, if you want to capture the first scrolls of your Los Angeles-based followers, you’ll need to post at 4:00 PM CAT.

Put Your Posting Times Through An A/B Test

Try new things out and don’t be scared to fail.

Keep in mind that Instagram and Later will only use data points that are relevant to your posting history. It’s impossible to tell if there’s a better time for maximum engagement if you usually publish around 6 PM.

I want you to experiment with different publishing times throughout the next month.
Start with a morning post, plan a Reel for lunch, and finish the day with another.

How Instagram’s algorithm for its highlight reels?

Timeliness is simply one factor in Instagram popularity, as I noted before. To increase traffic to your Reels, you need to excel in the four key ranking parameters Instagram has revealed.
What’s Inside: In the first place, your material itself will determine your rating. The Instagram algorithm favours Reels, so if you’re going to share one, you’re already ahead of the game.

Yourself, as the “poster” Likes, comments, saves, and shares from your followers will increase the visibility of your posts in their Newsfeed. So, learn from my Caption Vault and always include a CTA in your social media posts! In addition, the algorithm will reward you since it has learned that you consistently produce high-quality and entertaining material.
Interests and Behaviour of the User: Your Instagram experience is shaped by the kinds of material you view. The information you view depends on your preferences. For this reason, targeting a certain audience is crucial. The more specific you are, the better your information will be organised, and the more likely it is that others who have shown an interest in your topic will come across your Reels. Select “not interested” on the Reels tab if you’d prefer to see less from a given content category or director.
Activity Logs of Active Users: Do you want to know why Instagram is displaying this particular Reel? The programme remembers what you’ve done in the past. If you click the three dots in the top right corner of a post and then choose “Why you’re seeing this post,” Instagram will explain that you are seeing the post because you are a follower, have followed the account for two years, have liked a previous post from the account, or the post is newer than the others you have seen.

Prepared to Make Instagram Work for Your Business?

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