Here Are Ten Post Formats That Will Increase Your Followers’ Activity

The term “engagement” has entered common usage in the field of digital marketing. Understanding what motivates your audience is crucial if you want to grow a following for your business and foster a community. You’ll need some understanding of how social media platform algorithms function if you want your content to be viewed by the people you want to see it.

varying algorithms place varying weights on various factors, but one constant appears to be the amount of user participation. How enthusiastic people are about responding to the message you’re sending. What else do they have in common? Automated answers and other forms of fake involvement have been met with strong distaste. Certain behaviors indicate a high degree of interest and can be used as ranking indicators, and they vary from platform to platform.

  • Thanks again for all the great work you’ve put into your posts. (likes, favorites, or hearts)
  • You’re willing to tell other people about it since you’re so enthusiastic. (shares)
  • Considering it useful enough to save and refer to later. (saves, bookmarks)
  • Wanting to learn more, to the point where I want to contribute, (comments)

This makes perfect sense, as the whole point of a social networking site is to keep people engaged and interested in what they’re seeing. Read on if you’re curious about the kinds of postings that might increase your chances of getting noticed. In this post, I’ll go through 10 distinct styles of social media graphics that are more likely to elicit a response from your audience and so increase your engagement. Although we will use Instagram as an example, the ideas of engagement discussed here may be applied to any social media network that has a relevance-based algorithm.

Topics of inquiry and narratives

The ability to wonder inspires original thought. Initiate dialogue by posing questions and providing avenues for people to respond. You might be surprised by what others want to know about you. These sorts of content not only increase interaction, but they also provide invaluable information about your readership.

Turntables that guide you through a process

No need to spill the beans all at once. Take your fans on an exciting journey that they can unlock with a swipe of their finger. These carousels have been shown to improve interactions by capitalizing on the natural interest that occurs while seeing a list of resources, a tutorial, or general guidance. According to SocialInsider’s analysis of 22 million Instagram posts, this format is the most popular among users.

Communication and Reminders

For some time now, it has been fashionable to include phone texts into one’s design. Followers may wish to be informed in the future of the types of messages you would include in an alert. Because of this, posts like this tend to acquire a lot of likes, shares, and bookmarks.


Users may set a countdown on their Instagram Stories to alert them when a certain date/time is approaching. An alert to re-engage with you at a later time increases the likelihood that they will. You may alert your readers to major launches and campaigns by adding these stickers to your stories.

Worthwhile sayings to save and pass on

There are instances when a particular phrase serves as the exact clue you’ve been looking for. There are moments when you believe a buddy has been waiting for a certain indication. For this reason, quotations often receive several saves and comment tags, ensuring their continued dissemination long after they have been published.

Voting and other such things

We are not shy about sharing our thoughts on matters close to our hearts. We’re especially interested in learning how your thoughts stack up against the general consensus. Fast social surveys let us accomplish both. In particular, the this/that approach with accompanying images has gained popularity since it caters to the visually-oriented; you don’t have to elaborate on why you like or dislike a certain item. As a rule, that indefinable “je ne sais quoi” is just that: something you can’t put your finger on.

Graphical representations of information, such as maps and flowcharts

Simplifying difficult concepts is especially helpful in today’s society, when we’re always being inundated with fresh data. This is why you act quickly to save or store summaries that will aid you in recalling key concepts. The perfect chart may do the same thing for your social media account and keep bringing people back to it for a long time.

Offers of free stuff and other giveaways

The best thing is to be completely unrestricted. Having something free to give away might be the perfect magnet to introduce your company to new people and re-engage your current audience. These campaigns have a significant impact on participation when they are structured so that followers are required to tag friends or coworkers.

Fill-in-the-blank narrative forms for fans

…and spread the word farther. Having the freedom to speak one’s mind is a fundamental human need, as I indicated at the outset of this piece. We may do this with the help of quizzes and fill-in-the-blank templates, which do not need us to structure questions or create the tool from scratch. When your work inspires others to tell their own stories and those tales reference yours, a natural kind of interaction emerges: you are recognized and appreciated.

Now it’s your time!

Some people wonder how far content producers will go to be seen, while others wonder if they are spending their time properly if they devote so much of it to engagement. Always use discretion and consider how your words will be received by your readers. Are you trying out some variant of the aforementioned post types? Feel free to post your links and feedback below.