The New Calls To Action For Advertising And Posts On Facebook Are A Marketing Goldmine

Wow, it was pleasant! Although Facebook’s recent algorithm change reduced organic reach for online advertisers, the social media platform made amends by allowing the placement of call-to-action buttons to both paid and unpaid posts.

The classic adages “Ask for the sale” and “Always Be Closing” are well-known to any salesman who has been in the industry for any length of time. With internet marketing, old-school sales tactics seldom pay off, but many of the same ideas do.

The simple reality is that people are far more likely to comply with your request if you directly ask them to do so.

Asking a consumer to “click here” or “sign up” is similar to asking them to make a purchase in that it gets them to do some sort of action. That’s why every landing page, social media message, and blog article needs a strong call to action. That’s why CTA buttons are so successful in increasing sales.

It’s big that Facebook is giving advertisers this option. Consider all the opportunities that present themselves! It’s equally effective for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) Facebook marketing, as well as Facebook marketing for nonprofits. Let’s examine this in further detail.

Formulation of the Method

The five accessible action buttons are: Buy Now, Read More, Join, Schedule, and Get Files.

These buttons may be added to promoted and organic content alike, however they will only appear in the main feed, not in the sidebar. To have access to the button addition option, you must have the Facebook advertising tool Power Editor installed and be using it on the Google Chrome web browser. Be mindful of the character count when writing your link’s description; this is especially important if you want to include a call to action button.

Marketers Using Facebook to Reach Businesses

Having established their mechanism, let’s examine how to effectively employ them to increase sales. The “Download” button is a great way for business-to-business organisations to get their audience to download content like eBooks and white papers. With the “Book Now” button, they may encourage customers to schedule a no-cost consultation. The “Learn More” link can direct readers to a blog post or a campaign-specific landing page on their site. There can also be a “Sign Up” button for webinars and email newsletters offered by B2B enterprises.

Advertising on Facebook for Business to Consumer

The potential for business-to-consumer firms is as enticing. When combined with a Facebook post or ad highlighting the current offer or the newest goods, the addition of a “Shop Now” button is quite likely to increase traffic to their sites. With “Sign Up” buttons, fans may quickly and easily supply their email addresses in return for exclusive offers and promotions. Customers who want a one-on-one consultation or service appointment may use the “Book Now” button, while those interested in learning more about the newest campaign can click on the “Learn More” link.

Marketing on Facebook for Non-Profits

More importantly, how can charitable organisations take advantage of this Facebook update? They can use a “Sign Up” button to collect email addresses for their newsletter, or a “Learn More” button to direct readers to their website or blog. Including a “Shop Now” or “Book Now” button makes perfect sense if they are raising money by selling services or goods. They can also add a “Download” button to any reports or unique informational pamphlets they make available to the general public.

Actionable calls to action are effective. Without a shadow of a doubt. And call-to-action buttons make it simple to include them into all of your Facebook ads and posts, making it easy for customers to take the action you desire.