The Complete Guide To Add Music On Instagram

You can’t afford to ignore the social media giant that is Instagram in today’s content-driven world. It’s not enough to merely be present. Adding videos is one approach to consistently provide content that will appeal to its algorithm.

Instagram, which started off as a photo-sharing tool, has evolved into a platform where videos are more popular than photos. Although its rethought user interface has drawn some criticism, you can’t deny that users are enthusiastic about the new emphasis on video.

You might be shocked at how frequently you encounter Instagram posts, reels, stories, etc. that include music. Obviously, the captivating music has contributed to the success of a lot of such content.
Whether you’re posting to your Instagram story, feed, or reel, you can discover how to add music by reading on.

You can add music to any Instagram post

Including audio in Instagram posts wasn’t always as simple as it is now.

Fortunately, things have shifted recently.

Not only may you select music for your post from’s extensive stock collection of royalty-free audio clips and sound effects, but you can also upload and add your own music. Because of this, you’re not limited to the songs already included in Instagram’s catalogue.

Add music to your Instagram post

Sign in and make a new undertaking

You may start making videos on right now by going to your account page and clicking the “+ Create” button.
Next, pick a file type that works with Instagram’s suggested proportions.

Include and modify the image now allows users to upload their own material or select from a library of images and videos. You may also go through themes to choose one that would work for your Instagram post.
After you’ve inserted the image you want, you can tweak it.

Integrate Sound

Select “Audio” from the menu on the left after you’ve finished modifying the image.
You may now listen to a variety of music by clicking the “Library” button.
You may also use your own music that you’ve uploaded by going to the “Uploads” section once you’ve selected an image or video.

Tweak the tunes and get them download

After deciding on a score, you may sync it with the video, tweak the loudness, and add fade-in and fade-out effects. When you’re ready to save the movie to your computer, click the “Publish” button in the upper right.
Last but not least, render and download. You can now contribute a visual accompaniment to your preferred tunes on Instagram by uploading the corresponding video.

Tips on Including Sound in Your Instagram Story

Since their introduction, Instagram Stories have provided users with a fun and engaging way to interact with the app, encouraging viewers to come back for more.

Make a story in the Instagram app

Any photo or clip can be included. Select the sticker icon upon completion.
The second step is to pick the “MUSIC” sticker.
Third, click the “For you” tab to view some suggested choices. To see additional choices, use the “Browse” button.

To find a certain tune, just type its title or artist into the “Search music” field. You may also retrieve a previously “Saved” song.
To customise the music for your Instagram story, choose the track, then swipe to the left or right to select a different section of the song to play.
You may also customise the colours and add the lyrics to your Instagram story. To finish your Instagram story with music, simply press the “Done” button when you’re ready to share it.

Including audio in your Instagram videos: a tutorial

Similar to Instagram posts, highlights, and stories, adding music to Instagram in-feed videos is a simple process. The steps are as follows:

To begin uploading a video to Instagram, open the app and select the “+” symbol in the upper right corner.

Select the tunes icon

Slide the bar under “Camera audio” to increase or decrease the volume of the video after clicking “Music” on the next screen.
Third, drag the slider to the side to select the snippet of the music you wish to include in your Instagram feed video.

After completing these steps, your Instagram video will be ready to share by clicking the “Done” button.

Video Reels on Instagram: Including Sound

Have you ever uploaded a video on Instagram without music? You have company. Here’s all you need to know if you want to know how to add music to Instagram reels:

First, make a “Reel” in your Instagram app. You’re free to upload as many images and clips as you like.

The maximum length of the Reel is 90 seconds. After you’ve uploaded your photos and videos, select the play button on the left.

Pick the audio file you wish to use in your Instagram Reel

In addition to perusing the highlighted or suggested tracks, you may search for a song, choose an item from your stored audio, or even import it.
Third, use the song slider to pick the desired addition to the song. When you’re satisfied with the sound, press the “Done” button to upload the edited Reel to Instagram.

Closing Remarks

While music is enjoyed by the majority, Instagram users often find it difficult to incorporate it into their posts. If you want to make your Instagram account more interesting, follow the guidelines above.

Using engaging posts, stories, reels, and in-feed videos, you can easily navigate competition and connect with your audience.