How to Make Use of Instagram Video Marketing to Expand Your Business

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Video is the content marketing medium of the future. According to the Video Marketing report, internet users view video material daily; video content receives 12x the number of likes and shares as text and images combined. Individuals recall 95% of a message after watching a video. Instagram is a visual medium for visual learners who process information visually. Thus it’s unsurprising that Instagram video marketing is gaining popularity.

5 Ways To Use Instagram Video Marketing

1. Utilize Video Posts to Highlight Your Products/Services

The more individuals aware of your products and services, the larger the pool of prospective consumers you may obtain. Due to the dynamic nature of videos, they keep viewers captivated and interested. Whether you sell services or goods, an Instagram video is an excellent method to showcase them and generate interest in your business.

2. Utilize Instagram Reels to Market Your Products

With the rising popularity of the TikTok app, as more people produce and watch short, entertaining films, the popularity of an Instagram feature similar to TikTok–Instagram Reels–is expanding as well.

It is a fantastic chance for companies to break through the noise & sell their products through compelling films. Wearing your items in Instagram Reels may be an excellent method to show off your creative designs. And buy Instagram reels views that boost engagement and pique potential consumers’ interest in the products. 

3. Utilize IGTV to demonstrate your products in action.

With a large selection of items, it’s critical to inform potential consumers of all available alternatives since this can result in increased sales. Thus, you must declare and demonstrate your items in operation to assuage potential buyers’ concerns. Video material is an excellent method to accomplish this. If you’re using IGTV to develop your business, simply submitting a long-form video is insufficient. It’s also critical to keep in mind the importance of video SEO. To increase the number of visitors interested in your items, you must create a caption that includes a targeted keyword, provide a clickable link, & utilize geotags. Also, you could opt to buy IGTV likes to take your content to a broader audience. All of these suggestions will assist you in optimizing the IGTV video for relevant search.

4. Use Instagram Stories to Take Your Followers Behind the Scenes

Additionally, because video Instagram Stories have a 24-hour lifetime, they are an excellent way to take viewers behind the scenes without cluttering up the main feed. Whether you film a video or develop interactive graphics, there are several methods to generate compelling behind-the-scenes material that builds brand loyalty and trust.

5. Utilize Live Events to Market Your Business

Real-time broadcasting of your events is one of the most effective methods to generate a feeling of urgency and attract more people. Thus, arranging live events and using Instagram live streaming to advertise your brand is an excellent method to capture your fans’ attention. The most significant part is that you can link your live event with your CRM and advertise it to your consumers, allowing you to reach out to customers that do not follow you on Instagram.


Instagram video marketing has become a critical component of any Instagram marketing plan if a business wants to reach a larger audience of prospective consumers, maintain engagement, and pique followers’ interest in products or services. There are several methods to use in-app videos for advertising your business using the range of Instagram video content kinds. After all, it’s critical to provide your social media followers with what they want and therefore differentiate yourself from the competition.

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