Boost Your Instagram Followers With These 11 Strategies

Marketers continue to find Instagram to be their social media cupid. It’s easy to understand why, considering that 13% of all humans use it, and that 80% of those humans are brand followers.

In light of this, forward-thinking marketers are actively looking at methods to boost Instagram engagement despite the platform’s recent stumbles. With these 11 guidelines, you can be assured that your Instagram marketing strategies will continue to be successful in the future, whether you want to focus on sponsored or organic promotion.

1. Update often

Companies require activity in order to attract followers and increase engagement rates, but how much activity is enough?

Studies show that maintaining a schedule of between one and two daily postings is optimal. In this approach, you can keep your feed current and interesting, increasing the likelihood that others will view it. It’s also important to know when the optimal time to publish is on Instagram, as Instagram now uses an algorithm to determine the order of posts in users’ feeds.

2. Just share tales; don’t try to force your message down people’s throats.

Instead of merely preaching marketing missives at your audience, you should engage them using compelling graphics, video, and text.

Instead of just posting photos and videos, how to tell tales with your Instagram bio, stories, and captions to boost your engagement.

3. Establish a solid reputation for your product or service.

Instagram accounts that intend to raise brand recognition must prioritise clarity, originality, and consistency. A disorganised, random strategy will not succeed.

You should give primary attention to things like profile presentation, developing consistent visual themes for your photos, and being an expert hashtagger. If you want your followers to be engaged and devoted to your brand, you need communicate with them frequently.

Establishing a plan for your Instagram operations and brand’s best practises can help you project a unified and good image to your customers.

4. Create a cohesive Instagram feed in terms of aesthetics.

Instagram users are more likely to engage with and share posts that have a high level of visual appeal. Although slick perfection is going out of style, visual content will always be at the core of Instagram.

These days, people are more interested in genuine opinions and viewpoints than they are in bland corporate propaganda.

In terms of aesthetics, high-saturation filters and artfully arranged avocado toasts have been swapped out for more natural, low-key approaches.

5. Choose appropriate hashtags

Using the appropriate hashtags on Instagram may determine whether or not your post is seen by the most people or disappears into the depths of the stream.

Too many people will be using a generic hashtag like #holiday or #fashion, making it harder for your message to stand out. You should instead experiment with a variety of hashtags, both popular ones and those more specialised to your field or niche, to see which ones help you reach your intended audience.

6. To that end, we recommend putting a premium on material created by users.

Instagram posts made by regular users are gold to advertisers. By having your audience participate in the creation and vetting of marketing material, you may save money while giving your followers a more personal connection to the company.

7. See all of Instagram’s video options.

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth almost 1.8 million.

Fans of Shakespeare would argue strongly with this statistic, but there’s no denying the power and widespread appeal of internet video. Instagram is aware of this, which is why it provides a number of video promotion tools.

8. Eight, include closed captioning and subtitles into your Instagram videos

The Instagram stats show that just 60% of stories are seen with the sound on, leaving 40% of views without audio.

As video continues to grow in popularity throughout the web, audio has been left in the dust as many viewers choose to watch without sound. Subtitles have become more important for marketers since they allow for the delivery of key message with images.

9. Start using Instagram’s Highlight Reels

With all this talk about videos, have you taken advantage of Instagram Reels yet?  This app is a carbon copy of the popular video sharing app TikTok, allowing your business to interact with the target audience through entertaining films of up to 30 seconds in length.

10. Use Instagram’s augmented reality filters

Via its Spark AR Studio, Instagram allowed users to make their own augmented reality filters. Since then, augmented reality (AR) has been immensely popular within the app, with the top filters amassing well over 1 billion views.

Although augmented reality filters are still most popular with the younger demographic, the market for them is expanding and many companies are choosing to develop their own.

11. Get more visitors to your site from Instagram.

Instagram users may increase their website traffic by including a single clickable link in their bio.

Encourage more clicks on your link by providing exclusive content or discounts to your fans. An effective text overlay on photographs and videos with your Link and compelling calls to action is also recommended.