How To Make Your First Instagram Purchase and Checkout Like A Pro

Do you know about Instagram’s built-in shopping features, Instagram Checkout? If you don’t already know it, you will after reading this blog.

One of the fastest-growing social networks, Instagram has evolved from a simple photo and video sharing software to a sophisticated social commerce platform supporting individuals, brands, and businesses since its start.

In the past 12 months, it has released a variety of features aimed at facilitating business, such as:

analytics on the next level, shoppable Instagram posts and stories, and IGTV (standalone video platform).

About two weeks ago, it also released the beta version of Instagram Checkout, the topic of this article.

With over a billion active users and 25 million active business profiles, Instagram has become a veritable commercial ecosystem. Consequently, it is crucial to learn the Instagram platform, your intended demographic, and the best practises for promoting your brand on Instagram.

An Overview of Instagram Advertising

Social media use accounts for an average of 2.22 hours every day, according to studies. Some of that time is devoted to browsing various stores. Since customers can’t see, smell, or taste the products they’re considering purchasing online, visual media plays a crucial role in the online buying experience.

Instagram, like Pinterest and Tumblr, is a photo and video sharing social network that works well for electronic commerce. Use it to promote your company’s goods and services using the mediums of visual media such as images, Instagram Stories, videos, and more.

Many businesses use Instagram to generate leads, expand their customer base, raise product recognition, and close purchases, as the platform boasts a high level of user interaction and 80% of its users follow at least one business.
Read on for some critical Instagram Marketing Numbers.

Influential Instagram Marketing Metrics

  • Nearly 1 billion individuals use Instagram each month.
  • Among Instagram users, the most common age range is 18–34 (64%).
  • Consistent monthly growth in brand loyalty of 6-8% is seen.
  • The average brand-related hashtag sees an engagement rate of 12.6%.
  • About four-fifths of major retail firms have a shoppable Instagram presence.
  • Instagram users are the most actively involved.
  • When compared to other social networking sites, between two and seven percent of users engage with each individual post.
  • Instagram stories are used every day by over 500 million accounts, including many popular brands.
  • Instagram is used as a product discovery tool by 60% of its users.
  • Seventy-five percent of Instagrammers do something positive with their account.
  • The majority of users (80%) follow at least one company.
  • It’s no surprise that 71% of US businesses are active on Instagram.

Instagram Shopping: What Is It?

Instagram’s shopping function was developed so that companies could display their wares in users’ feeds. The function, which can be used on either Instagram posts or Instagram stories, helps businesses convert followers in real time.

Here’s How Instagram Shopping Really Functions

  1. Make sure first that your nation qualifies.
  2. Join the Instagram and Facebook networks.
  3. Create an Instagram account for your company.
  4. Establish an Instagram Shopify Channel.
  5. Make an Instagram post in the standard manner, for as by adding an image or starting a story.
  6. Brand your wares.
  7. Products can be tagged in Instagram images in the same way that people can be, by tapping on a specified region of the image and entering the product’s name and the hashtag #productx.
  8. Instagram stories can be used to drive sales by drawing attention to certain items in your store.

Pick the item that best suits your needs.A new search bar displaying your product’s name exactly as it appears on your store would emerge once you pick and tap the product you wish to tag.

If you followed these instructions carefully, you should now have Instagram posts and stories that are ready to be purchased.

Checkout on Instagram: what’s the deal?

Users may now make in-app purchases from companies and retailers selling on Instagram and make payments without ever having to leave the Instagram app.

Customers can utilise Instagram Checkout to complete in-app transactions with a few taps and a few minutes.


With the goal of “promoting and improving sales and buy on Instagram for both brands/businesses and users (consumers),” Instagram Shopping and Instagram Checkout were developed.

They share certain similarities but are otherwise very distinct. Here, we’ll go over the major points of overlap and divergence so you can make an informed decision.