The All-Inclusive Guide to Instagram Stories for Brands

In today’s highly digitalized world, your small business may be losing out on a number of chances if it doesn’t have an Instagram presence. Instagram has just come into its own as a game-changing tool for e-commerce sites. How? They’ve been making use of Instagram’s story function. In an effort to increase user engagement, the Instagram community introduced a new tool called Instagram Stories.

Whatsapp Recollections

To put it plainly, a tale is just a creative amalgamation of several media types, such as films, images, stickers, and texts. Instagram stories only remain visible for 24 hours from the moment they were posted until they are permanently deleted if not added to a user’s Highlights, archive, or downloaded.

It appears at the upper part of the interface. It’s the possible initial screen that each user sees when the programme loads. And Instagram unveiled a feature called Highlights that can help you achieve your business goals (read on for more information). It enhances the reputation of your company or product among consumers.

  • Instagram now has over 550 million daily users who share stories.
  • Instagram’s daily average time spent by active users is roughly 29 minutes.
  • Over 250 million individuals daily view company profiles.
  • More than 140 million monthly users interact with shopping-related content.
  • Instagram ads may be seen by over 855.6 million people.
  • Pay per post for influencers ranges from $200 to $2,100.

It’s more fun when you realise that the majority of people who view your Instagram story aren’t even your followers. It’s evident that Instagram stories assist your company connect with more of Instagram’s active users.

Over 500 million profiles use Instagram’s stories format every day, and this trend is only expected to accelerate.

Instagram Stories Have Many Advantages

Instagram is a rapidly developing platform, and as has been said, the network’s stories feature offers several advantages for businesses.

Acquire Access to Instagram’s Huge Userbase

Instagram Stories may be searched for and found. This implies that those who aren’t already fans of yours have a chance of seeing the substance of your stories. You may attract more eyes on your story by tagging other companies or individuals in it or by using hashtags to find it. You may quickly increase your Instagram followers by sharing your stories with your existing network’s users.

Talk to the People Who Are Already Following You

Instagram Stories allows you to engage with your current following in a number of different ways. This is the list:

Put out some aesthetically appealing “how-to” films for your brand’s items.
Donate your time and knowledge.
Deliver timely information on your business and its offerings.
Give us some behind-the-scenes action.
Think about some business-related activities.
Allow platform influencers to temporarily take control of your profile.
Offer tempting promotions, sales, etc.

The Instagram Story Functions as a Marketing Funnel

Instagram stories provide an abundance of advantages for users of the site, well beyond merely raising brand exposure. Every company can take advantage of this fantastic chance to increase their lead generation and conversion rates, and it helps provide an outstanding solution for the bottom of the marketing funnel.

The more value a company can add to its followers’ stories, the more likely its followers are to respond positively when asked to join a conversation via Instagram Direct Message. If you can’t add a link to your tales, you may always add one to your bio that readers can click on. Customers that are interested in making a purchase may do so on the landing page, which increases the conversion rate.

Faster Story Views and More Interactions

Make use of the Packages in Edit Mode
If you’re feeling worn out, try Instagram’s new Create mode. It has several elements that would increase participation, such as questions, countdowns, polls, and more.

Embedding Hashtags

Putting it another way, forgetting to include hashtags in your social media postings is like forgetting to put salt on your cuisine. If you use hashtags, your content will appear in the platform’s search results whenever someone searches for that hashtag. If you want more people to see your Instagram Stories, you may increase your exposure by including up to ten hashtags.

Promotional Instagram Stories

Instagram story advertising are a fast and effective way to boost sales using stories. Your story advertising might run for as long as you choose, unlike Instagram Stories. Because it’s a new advertising consideration, further research is required.

Instagram Story Statistics

You can discover which videos and photos were the most popular by checking the Instagram story stats. It’s useful for developing a brand or business strategy since it sheds light on your target demographic.

To view the Insights portion of Instagram, you must have a business profile. After selecting Insights, navigate to Story Insights.

Instagram’s New Focus Option for Stories

It’s built into the system already! Users might zero in on someone’s face and uncover a fascinating employment background.

Image Modifications

The Instagram Stories feature now features more filters. Other influence makers might use it as a starting point for creating a product they can incorporate into their Instagram stories.

Integration of External Applications

Instagram now allows outside developers access to its Stories API. This implies that third-party apps will be able to quickly include their own special content into tales and provide users with the option of sharing Instagram stories directly from within those apps. In the platform’s stories area, for instance, users might post links to songs or music for their followers to listen to or request additional tracks or albums from Shopify.


I hope this article has shed some light on the best ways to include Instagram stories into your marketing strategy for your business or brand. If you’ve never used Instagram Stories before, you should read our comprehensive guide first.