Tips for Using Instagram Stories in Your Company

Just what is Instagram, exactly?
Instagram is a popular smartphone app that enables users to shoot, modify, and share photos and videos, making it one of the most widely-utilized social networking platforms. Instagram allows you to share photos and videos with your friends and family by following you and then seeing your feed. In addition to keeping up with the posts of your friends and family, you can also follow the updates of your favourite sportsmen and celebrities. You have the option of making your posts either public or private.

This Is How Instagram Operates

Let’s create a backup plan; the corresponding symbol is always greyed out so you can tell where you are at all times. Instagram’s keyword search page can be accessed via the magnifying glass button, where you may begin searching for certain hashtags and filter your search down to persons tags or places.

Afterwards, you’ll see a + button, which you may use to add media to your profile. Once you’re inside, you may either snap a picture or video, or load it from your phone’s storage. When you’re on the move, touching the heart icon will transport you to the feed that displays the related actions. It’s possible to view the responses of your followers to your posts and read their feedback.

Instagram Stories: what are they?

The full-screen nature of Instagram Stories and the rising popularity of posting photographs and videos in portrait mode make it one of the most engaging social networking apps available today. It differs from the standard profile and story curation to provide users with additional opportunities for spontaneous communication. Posts of this nature are not permanent and will be removed from your profile after 24 hours. Anyone in your intended demographic can get in touch with you. Instagram stories are becoming increasingly popular among companies.

Everything you need to know to put Instagram Stories to work for your company is contained in this article.

Tutorial on Making and Posting Instagram Stories for Your Company

You’ll have an idea of what stories are if you’re familiar with Snapchat, from which Instagram stole the idea. Users may post unique moments to their Stories, which vanish after 24 hours. You may customise your message with a variety of options, including text, doodles, emotions, filters, and stickers. When you use Instagram’s story, quiz, Poll, Time, Q&A, and location stickers along with music, you’ll be able to connect with a large audience. This is really helpful since it encompasses all of the aesthetic cues that make unique events stand out.

Get on Instagram by opening your profile. Select the plus or minus sign at the very top.
Pick STORY at the very bottom of the screen.
If you’re in need of a selfie camera, you may select it from the options on the bottom right.
To snap a photo, just press the white, circular button. Video recording will begin as soon as you press and hold the white circle.
If you want to share a story, swipe the camera up to see your media library, then pick the images or clips you want to share.

Dimensions for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories ads uploaded to Facebook Ads Manager must adhere to Facebook’s recommended dimensions, which you should bear in mind while developing and modifying your Stories on desktop.

A 9:16 aspect ratio is ideal for most images (all feed ratios are supported, but this ratio maximises the Stories format)
We advise going with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels (the very least is 600 x 1067 pixels, and there is no upper limit; however, upload times may rise with really high resolutions).
Photos are limited to 30MB in size, but videos can be up to 250MB.

Discover How to View How Many People Have Watched Your Instagram Story

Your Instagram story’s audience count may be viewed by tapping the Your Story icon in the Instagram home screen. People who have viewed your Instagram Story may be identified by tapping the corresponding number in the bottom left corner. When your Instagram Story expires after 24 hours, you may still examine analytics like views, reach, and impressions.

Launch Instagram and select your profile picture from the menu.
Make use of Insights.
You may get Insights for the last 7, 14, or 30 days, the prior month, or a custom time range you choose.
Choose Stories from the list of Shared Content you compiled.
Pick a unit of measure and a time frame.
These insights cover a time frame of up to two years’ worth of collectively shared stories.

Instagram Story Captioning: A Step-by-Step Guide

For those with hearing or visual impairments, captions may be a lifesaver. Sixty percent of viewers like to listen to music while reading a story; adding subtitles and videos is a wonderful approach to increase your content’s value. If you use the sticker for captions, Instagram will generate captions for your video Stories automatically.

Sharing Visuals with the Purpose of Drawing in Audiences

Simply include a caption with each new post that explains your omission.
The consumer can quickly grasp the theoretical explanations.
Information presented in captions helps put the material being presented into perspective.
This is an important consideration that many companies fail to address.
Put in captions that describe the image or cite the subject.
It’s a wonderful opportunity to spread knowledge, make connections, and foster relationships with your target demographic in an effort to win over new clients.
Do your best to describe the situation.
Include a question to encourage discussion and boost your profile’s exposure.
Send an emoticon.
Discuss some of the success stories you’ve had with clients.
Include a prompt to take action, such clicking the link.
Hold a contest or give away anything.

Shopping on Instagram: A Guide to Using the Stories Feature

You should definitely create an Instagram shopping account if you own an online store. When you’re ready to make your Stories shoppable, simply apply the shopping sticker.

Do your regular Story creation.
You should now select the sticker icon at the top of the screen.
Hover your mouse over the Product label and tap it.
Select the product you wish to tag from your catalogue.
You may reposition the sticker and make any adjustments while you shop using simple touch and drag gestures.
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