Here Are 7 Ways To Promote Your Business On Instagram Stories

Have you thought about utilising Instagram Stories as a means of promoting your business on social media? Increased sales, engagement, and conversions are just some of the positive outcomes that may result from using Instagram Stories advertisements properly to promote your brand and expand your online presence.

Given that 500 million people view and engage with Instagram Stories every day, it’s surprising that more brands haven’t begun embracing it as a marketing tool. Instagram is a great way for customers to find your content, with 60% of users saying they learn about new items there.

If you want to utilise Instagram Stories as a marketing tool, you need to know how to do it properly to increase your brand’s visibility and ultimately your sales. If you’re unfamiliar with advertising on Stories, here are seven pointers to get you started.

1. Keep it Brief and Satisfying

It’s common knowledge that web and social media users have a short attention span. The best way to get people’s attention is to provide them with the easiest, most digestible stuff to skim, therefore focus on providing that to them.

    A sponsored label indicates to readers that the content they are viewing is paid advertising and is located in the upper left corner of the Story in which it appears. Once people realise it’s a sponsored Story, they’re more likely to leave, so you need to create a strong impression quickly.

    2. Make a Video

    Use video in your marketing initiatives; you’ve heard it a million times, and you’ll hear it a million more. They’re more interesting, so people spend five times as much time looking at them as they would at a photograph. It’s an effective strategy for attracting and holding their interest. The longer they consume your material, the higher the probability that they will end up buying anything from you.

    3. Establish Regular Branding Efforts

    Maintaining a unified brand identity across all of your platforms (social media, website, logo, etc.) is crucial. Your brand’s colours, language, and overall tone should all be consistent. You need your audience to recognise your brand whenever they see your advertisement for it to continue connecting with you. They are less inclined to interact with unfamiliar brands.

      4.Replace CTAs with

      If you want more people to interact with your Story advertising, tell your followers what you want them to do when they see them. It’s crucial to have a call to action in your advertisement, whether it’s to join your email list, read your blog, or check out your goods page.

      5. Present Extended Material in a Carousel

      Instagram added carousel advertising at the beginning of 2018 so that users may view many ads at once and follow along with lengthier videos or stories. Using visual storytelling helps keep viewers interested for longer and encourages them to keep watching. You may demonstrate your content’s adaptability to viewers by using this option to upload photographs, videos, and a combination of the two.

        6. Give It a Realistic Feeling

        It’s important to be consistent with your brand’s values and aims at all times. A genuine brand understands its customer base and caters to their needs by providing them with relevant information and desirable goods.

        7. Make it Feel Authentic

        Remember that your readers are people, not simply potential buyers, and treat them as such. The more effort you put into making your audience feel unique in your Story advertising, the more likely they are to become devoted buyers of your wares.

        In conclusion,

        Instagram Story advertisements are an excellent medium for spreading the word about your company and inspiring consumers to take action. Users spend a lot of time on the social media site, making it an ideal place to spread word of your company and attract new followers.