Instagram Strategies For eCommerce Business – 5 Tried Tips

maximize the growth of IGTV video likes

Instagram marketing has become an essential part of every business, especially for eCommerce brands. Instagram reports that more than 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business page daily, and 60% of Instagrammers discover new products and services using this platform. 

Moreover, 2 billion active users check Instagram monthly, and 81% of users leverage Instagram for product research. These statistics prove that Instagram marketing has become impossible to ignore.

Are you the one looking forward to grow your brand with an eCommerce business? Learn five eCommerce Instagram strategies to boost your business reach and awareness from the article below. 

Tip 1: Video Marketing

Instagram is an engaging platform that shares engaging photos and videos. To get more benefit, Instagram introduces IGTV features especially for brands. IGTV combines all video formats in a single Instagram feed, and prioritizes your content to target audiences. Regarding video marketing strategy, IGTV is the best platform for eCommerce brands to improve their business reach and awareness. 

Here are some ideas to create long-form IGTV Instagram videos

  • A Video Series:

A popular Instagram strategy for eCommerce brands is using long-form videos to publish a series of videos on a specific theme. You can go in-depth with your Instagram content strategy to keep your audience coming back for more videos.

  • In-depth tutorials:

IGTV allows you to share detailed videos where you can show your audience how to use your products or services. These tutorial videos allow the user to build their skills about your products. 

  • Behind the Scenes:

Give a chance for your audiences to know the happenings behind your business to maximize the growth IGTV video likes and maintain transparency that builds trust with your target audience.  When you increase Instagram TV likes, you can organically attract many audiences to watch your IGTV videos. 

  • Live Stream an Event:

IGTV video enables virtual attendance for conventions, seminars, and events. Live streaming is a perfect option to engage an audience who couldn’t engage physically. 

#2: Tell Your Stories

Instagram stories are not just a way to create fun; they are essential for growing your business reach and engagement and driving sales and awareness. Additionally, after seeing their stories, 62% of Instagram users become more interested in brand products. Here are some useful tips to make your stories popular and enhance your eCommerce brand’s presence.

  • How-Tos:

Sharing how-to and tutorial videos are an excellent way to improve your brand awareness among your target audience. Share step-by-step videos of using your products in stories to boost user engagement.

  • Collect Feedback With Polls:

Stories are fun and engaging to interact with your audience. Use polls and stickers in your Instagram stories to encourage your audience to engage with them. Adding polls and quizzes to your stories will increase your follower’s attention and drive more new audiences to your profile. 

  • Post Teasers:

Use Instagram stories to share a teaser of your upcoming videos or products. It will excite your audience and increase your video engagement rate. 

  • Add Highlights:

The circle below your Instagram profile is the best place to put your great content that your new audience can easily access. 

#3: Use Hashtags

Adding hashtags to your Instagram posts will increase brand exposure and discover your brand with greater engagement. If you are not using hashtags for your eCommerce marketing, you are missing out on many opportunities to showcase your brands. 

  • Branded and Product:

Customized hashtags on Instagram helps audiences to find your brand or business; users can add them to each business post in their bio.

  • General:

These general hashtags can be used for brands based on trivial things your audience is sharing

  • Campaign Specific:

These hashtags are specific to marketing campaigns and don’t need to be a product or sale. 

Final Thoughts

For an eCommerce business, Instagram marketing is a must-try strategy to explore their brand reach and awareness among a huge audience. Share different video content regularly to engage with your target audience. Lastly, use Instagram analytics to measure the performance of your eCommerce marketing strategy. Add these three essential tactics to your eCommerce business to increase engagement and boost sales and conversion.