5 Social Media Giveaway Ideas To Boost Your Brand

What are some best practises for creating a social giveaway that can effectively promote your company and bring in new consumers, UGC, emails, and audience engagement? Without a well-thought-out plan, no social media giveaway, no matter how innovative, will succeed. To help you organise your next social media giveaway, we’ve compiled the top five things to keep in mind.

Get Success by Planning Ahead

Explain why you want to host a contest on social media. Would you like more people to learn about your company, sign up for your newsletter, or buy what you’re selling? Key performance metrics should be developed before you start creating your social media contest. Determine your goals for the competition and build your strategy around them.

After settling on a set of key performance indicators, you may start planning the competition’s format and venue. A social media post is all that’s needed to run a simple contest, while a third-party app like WooBox or OfferPop is required for a more elaborate promotion. You should also consider which platform is most suited for your contest; for example, hashtag-related contests do very well on Twitter and Instagram, while Facebook is a wonderful place to offer incentives for user participation. Make sure that your contest’s strategy is consistent with the tone and personality of your brand wherever it is being run.

One more thing… Social contests can be held anywhere, not just on social networking sites. Hosting a contest based on social sharing can boost user participation on your site. Nonetheless, you should put a lot of effort into promoting your online offer on your social media accounts.

Recognize Whom You’re Writing For

Now, consider the companies whose products you appreciate and whose social media pages you frequent. There’s a good chance it’s because they share your values and priorities. Make sure the giveaway is something that your demographic would be interested in. While planning a giveaway contest, it’s important to consider the level of interest already shown by your audience. Your giveaway campaign needs to be short and sweet if you have a very passive audience; no incentive is going to get somebody to share personal or humiliating information with the world. A multi-step online giveaway that places more responsibility on your customers may be the way to go if your audience is highly involved and vocal on your social platform of choice.

It’s time to decide on a prize that will encourage your target audience to take part in your giveaway contest. If your brand doesn’t offer a product or service that can be offered for free, you may need to get creative. Gift cards work well for product-based brands, while free months or years are wonderful options for subscription companies. If you want to provide an electronic gift card to a specific retailer as a reward, you can do so through sites like Tango; alternatively, you can work with a product-based company to create a prize package. Be sure to think about your key performance indicators when settling on a reward. It’s important to weigh the benefits against the entry fee to ensure the contest is worthwhile.

Determine Your Objectives

Make sure you know exactly what you need to do to win your competition. To know if your giveaway campaign was effective, you must first establish what those outcomes would look like. Establish some goals for the sweepstakes and where you hope to see the numbers by the conclusion. When planning your long-term objectives, keep your key performance indicators in mind.

Spread the word extensively

You should start marketing your contest well before it goes live. Provide an element of surprise by sprinkling hints of an impending freebie. Simply notify your present audience by email blast of a “secret impending giveaway,” detailing the prize package, and instruct them to watch your social channels daily for further updates.

With more people seeing your social media posts, you can boost promotion and run a more effective giveaway. You should never only rely on one method to promote your sweepstakes. Use all of your channels to promote the contest, even if it’s only going to be hosted on one. You can’t expect to have the same number of people following your brand across every platform. If you want more people to visit your social media accounts, you can’t just tell your current followers about it. Social media ads and Google AdWords, if within your budget, could also be a terrific way to get the word out about the contest. Changing the banner at the top of your webpage, making direct social media and email outreach to influential people in your field, and sending out newsletters are all excellent, cost-free ways to increase traffic and interaction.

Keep Tabs on Every Outcome

Even if you have the most brilliant plan, most assured goals, most carefully planned promotions, and the most generous reward in the world, it will mean nothing if you can’t monitor your progress and adjust as necessary. You may monitor your progress in a variety of ways. Accurately gauging participation requires knowledge of both the baseline and typical levels of user interaction. Use a UTM to identify which contests are driving traffic back to your site and analyse the results in Google Analytics. To assist you in creating a UTM that meets all of your needs, we provide a dedicated online tool. Make sure you keep track of these stats so you can explain the traffic surge and use them as a reference for your next contest.


Don’t let the momentum die after your social contest has ended! You may expect a large increase in traffic to your social media sites during this period; therefore, it is essential that you continue to provide engaging material to keep your audience interested. It is the perfect moment to promote your site by sharing articles and links.