How To Get Started With TikTok Ads

TikTok is a widely used social media platform. Where novel ideas are generated and challenges spread rapidly.

TikTok is a great platform for brands to reach their target audiences in a novel and exciting way. Commercials provide a means for communicating with these demographics. But where do you even begin? And what should you think about before you hand over your credit card number?

If you want to learn more about making successful TikTok advertisements, read this guide.

Is it worth it to advertise on TikTok?

In recent years, TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed, and it shows no signs of slowing down. TikTok has more than a billion monthly active users, making it the sixth most popular social network worldwide. That’s a huge potential customer base right there.

TikTok users are 30 percent more likely to make a purchase after seeing an ad for it in their feed, and those purchases are 14 percent larger overall. Those are some strong arguments in favour of investing in TikTok commercials.

Approximately how much do advertisements on TikTok set you back per month?

It’s conditional. Obviously.

In what way? For one, it is essential to consider the campaign’s ultimate purpose. Second, there is the question of reach and duration. Ad budgets can be set and managed in the TikTok ads manager. It’s important to keep in mind that the bare minimum for TikTok advertising is $500.

The TikTok Ads Manager is what exactly?

Manage your TikTok advertisements with ease using the TikTok ads manager. Nonetheless, before you begin, you will need to create a TikTok ads account. You can begin managing your TikTok ads right away by going to the TikTok ads manager page and logging in using the credentials you created during account setup. Let’s get started with setting up your ads with the TikTok ads manager right now.

Setting up Ads on TikTok

Creating an advertising campaign is the first step in using TikTok for marketing purposes. After that, you’ll construct your ad groups, and finally, you’ll make your ads and decide on the imagery you want to employ. In the sections that follow, we’ll examine these processes in greater depth.

1.Launch a marketing initiative

Setting up your campaign is the first step. To do so, head to the TikTok advertising hub and select “Campaign” followed by “Create.”

After deciding on a goal, naming your campaign, allocating funds, and organising ads into groups, you can move forward.

Let’s examine each of those measures in detail.

2. Decide on your goals.

Following the launch of your campaign, you will want to establish your advertising goals. TikTok’s ad manager provides several options for these kinds of campaigns. Ultimately, your advertising campaign’s success hinges on the decision you make regarding which objective to pursue.

Usually, your campaign’s objective is quite broad and focused on the big picture. However, your objectives are the specific actions you plan to take in order to reach this end. Goals tend to be more focused on the near future.

It’s natural to begin with the campaign’s big picture objective. What is it that you wish to concentrate on? Is that what you’re looking for…

  • To spread the word about the brand?
  • Are you looking for a larger audience for your videos?
  • That more people would visit your website?
  • In order to boost sales, what can I do?

Campaign objectives should be straightforward to select after you have established your end goal. TikTok has broken down their goals into the following three sections: exposure, interest, and action.

Listed below is an outline of the seven possible goals:


Objectives: Exposure

  • Traffic (drive traffic to a specific URL) (drive traffic to a specific URL)
  • Considerations for Video (increase video ad views)
  • Generating Leads (using a pre-populated form to collect leads on TikTok)
  • Connecting with One Another (drive traffic to your profile page to increase engagement)


Conversions on Websites (drive actions to your site, like a purchase or subscription)
Advertising for Apps (animate users to use or re-use your app)

3. Choose an identity for your marketing effort.

Obviously, you’ll need to give your campaign a name. Up to 512 characters may be used. In other words, consumers will not see this because it isn’t a part of the current advertisement. The name of the campaign will tell you and your team members a lot about the endeavour. Choose a name that clearly conveys the nature of the advertisement and makes it easy to locate.

4.Create a financial plan

The budget comes up next. In the TikTok ads platform, you can set your budget in a few different ways. There is a “unlimited” option, as well as “daily” and “lifetime.” You are free to spend as much as you like on expanding the reach of your advertisement. Setting a daily budget cap is possible with the “daily” option, while a campaign-wide cap can be established with the “lifetime” option.

Each ad group you make can have its own spending limit set (see next step). The advertisement will be turned off once the spending limit is reached. By keeping track of your expenditures in this manner, you can keep your spending in check.