Check Out These Top YouTube Channel Promotion Resources!

YouTube is becoming one of the most widely-used social media platforms worldwide. The sky is the limit for both artists and corporations as video consumption continues its meteoric rise.

To maximise your channel’s visibility and development, the tool may assist you identify its most effective features.


The fact that it is a free browser extension makes it more convenient than software that must be downloaded and run independently every time you wish to use it.

To maximise your channel’s visibility and development, the tool may assist you identify its most effective features.

The ability to set up reminders is another great feature of TubeBuddy. Time-delayed publishing of uploaded movies allows you to pick the exact moment they are made available to the public.

The time-management tool may be used in either direction. Moreover, you may schedule videos to be automatically deleted from selected playlists on the channel at a certain time and date.

TubeBuddy monitors your Google and YouTube rankings and compares your metrics to those of your rivals.

With this add-on, you may easily modify many movies at once. If you want to change the descriptions for a large number of films at once, this is a fantastic solution.

This feature is useful if you want to advertise one of your videos in the description of all your other films.


vidIQ is great since it provides another another method for keeping tabs on your YouTube channel’s statistics, which is a feature I really like.

Investigate your audience to learn more about them. Then, you’ll be able to cater your video productions to the right people. Calibrate your marketing strategies to meet their requirements.

Improve your YouTube channel with the help of vidIQ’s in-depth reports.

The vidIQ tool can monitor your YouTube and Facebook interaction statistics simultaneously.


Camtasia is software that can record your screen and modify videos.

When it comes to capturing screencasts, Camtasia is the best option.

Your recorded screencasts may then be annotated, edited, and enhanced with transitions and titles. Since you can record your mouse and keyboard actions, it’s perfect for making video lessons.

For those who are watching your videos without sound, consider adding subtitles and additional annotations like notes and highlights.

You may record your own voice over the screen capture, or add it in afterwards. In addition to the default sound effects, Camtasia now allows you to upload background music.

Axe of Society

In addition to the aforementioned alternatives, you may also want to think about using Social Blade. It’s great since it keeps tabs on data from all my favourite social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter.

Up to three channels can be compared at once. You can see how you compare to similar channels using this data.

You may use the YouTube creator detection tool on Social Blade to see if they are part of a management company or a network of channels.

Make use of this data to learn how other users are earning money from their profiles.

There are guides and lessons here for both newcomers and seasoned YouTube producers. Their advisory services may also be used to expand your channel.

Creator Space on YouTube

Those who wish to upload videos to YouTube must use the official YouTube programme, known as YouTube Studio.

Anybody who is serious about their channel needs this app since it allows them to manage their channel from their mobile devices anywhere, at any time.

There shouldn’t be a requirement to track down a computer every time you have an urgent matter pertaining to your website that has to be dealt with.

Using YouTube Studio, you can view live data on your channel’s performance. You have the option of replying to and filtering comments.

Send alerts for crucial events as push notifications to your mobile devices.

Adjust your app’s monetization settings, thumbnails, scheduling, and more without leaving the app. With this app, you can manage your channel and upload new content from any location.


You should use Woobox if you want to advertise your YouTube videos on other platforms.

You can reach more people with your material now, and you don’t even have to send them to YouTube.


Again, you should use as many advertising platforms as possible to spread word of your work.

To accomplish this successfully, share links to your YouTube channel and videos there. Nevertheless, these urls don’t always look well and might be rather lengthy.

Get more views on YouTube with the aid of Pixlr Thumbnails.

With the correct thumbnail, you may increase your content’s clickthrough and view rates. With Pixlr, you can quickly and easily build thumbnails that get results.

Summarizing the Best YouTube Resources

You need to make use of tools if you want to advance your video marketing strategy and expand your YouTube channel.

Whether you’re an in-house marketer, an influencer, an online celebrity, or part of an agency team, YouTube’s tools will significantly improve your video strategy and audience reach. You don’t have to start using all of these tools right now, but I do suggest integrating them gradually into your YouTube expansion plan.