7 Creative Ideas On Instagram Reels For Brand Growth

As a business or brand, you need to create attractive content for your products or services. Instagram Reels are short video content where you can post your creative ideas. More than 500 million users use Instagram daily. Reels are the best option if you want to post your fascinating videos on Instagram. Here, we will see how to create Instagram reels to grow your Instagram account organically.

1. Create how-to-videos

For Instagram marketing, “how to videos” is the best way to promote your products or services. You can create detailed videos for your brand with 90-second videos. People will not like to watch longer videos, so reels are the best way to add short videos. How-to videos can build more audiences and increase engagement rates on your profile. Well optimized content will look authentic and have more reliability and trust. This is the best strategy for influencer marketing. You can also collaborate with influencers to spread your business to all your target audiences through influencers. 

If you want your followers to engage with your content, you need to edit it with trending audio and effects.

2. Creative BTS Videos

To run successful Instagram marketing, you need to attract potential audiences on Instagram. Behind the scenes will give more insights and promote your brand. You can create real time videos such as preparing and packaging products. If you add BTS videos, your audience gets more trust in you, and the followers also increase. The numerous reel ideas are available on Instagram. You can utilize it to get a seamless transition for your brand.

 3. User-Generated Content

UGC comes in different formats, such as short-form videos and images. The viewers can search their interested keywords on Explore and find your page through social proof. Here are the ways to create User-generated content for Instagram marketing, 

  • Use branded hashtag
  • Resharing customer reviews
  • Following events
  • Collaborate with influencers

Using UGC for Instagram reels will boost audience engagement on your profile and start receiving reel views in just a few seconds. You can also run UGC campaigns by using reels to engage customers, leave comments, and share your videos on their stories. The higher engagement creates genuine followers that increase reliability.

4. Recreate Your Content

Altering your content with the current trends is the best social media strategy, significantly when you like to add photos and videos. You must recreate your previous clips that align with your target audiences and update your content. 

  • Pull important lines from previous videos 
  • Compile user-generated content you have previously shared and edit with a new format using creative techniques
  • Share your previous reels on your stories with relevant hashtags to get featured on the Explore page 

You can also recreate your well-performed content on various platforms into Instgaram reels.

5. Go With Current Trends

It would help if you kept updated on Instagram to know the current trends. Posting videos with trending reels can push your videos on users’ feeds. You have more chances to go viral and boost your audiences quickly. 

Trends can be applied to songs, filters, and effects. You have to find the popular songs and templates in your niche to create immense videos. You can search with hashtags on the Instagram Explore page when you know the current trends. Another effective way to go with trends is to align with seasons or important events.

6. Tell Your Story

Reels are more suitable for telling stories and scheduling weekly series. Stories always keep your videos in the minds of your audiences. You can showcase your brands on reels, telling a story of your brand and how valuable your brands are to them.  Through Instagram reels, you can explain the importance of your previous things and the challenges you have faced in the past. Create the story of your brand and add different clips by using a video editor on reels. You can also add music and link buttons to engage users with your content through likes, comments, and shares.

7. Concentrate On Your Comments And DM’s

If you create fascinating Instagram reels, you have to expect your audiences to leave likes and comments. But you must encourage your followers to get more engagement on your profile. Otherwise, they will only like your post and scroll.

You can add a call to action in the reel’s caption and direct viewers to leave a comment. These commentaries will act as a guide for creating your next reel video and engaging your audience consistently.

Ask your customers for feedback regarding your products/services. The reviews and opinions create a great path for your product development and future content.


Choosing the content depends on your brand or business. But how you leverage it matters for your growth. You need to spread your voice about the brand and build awareness with people. Be alert when your audience asks questions; you must answer immediately for better engagement. Keep updated on current trends and post frequently on your Instagram profile. You can follow the above tips to get viral and push your content on the Explore page.